It’s funny how many IT things I forget over time.   One of these categories is keyboard shortcuts and the one I have in mind is the End key.  It can save you time if you need to get to the bottom of a word processor document or a web page or many other situations. 

This week I was setting up email spam filters for myself and found me using the down arrow cursor key over and over to move from the top to the bottom of my email form.  As the form got longer and longer, it was getting tedious to get to the bottom of the form holding the down arrow key.  To get to the bottom all I do now is tap the End key once and I’m there.   The End key is on the middle-right side of most keyboards between the Delete and Page-Down keys.

Try it next time you need to get to the bottom of your document or web page.  Let me know how it works for you!

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