Tuesday before our networking group, I was assisting New Haven Chamber’s Monika with her Kindle reader. It seems she was having problems downloading an e-book to it, although she had done it in the past. We started with her Windows laptop because this will be used to download the e-book. It was connected to Rack and Helen’s open Wi-Fi access point and their on-line agreement was accepted.  I made sure it was categorized as a public network in Microsoft Windows 7 to prevent some criminal from snooping her data over the Wi-Fi. We used one of her web browsers to open the Allen county Public Library’s web site. She logged into her account and searched for the book she wanted.  We clicked download and in the bottom left corner of the web browser a progress windows appeared. When it completed, I clicked on it and chose to open the Downloads folder. We discovered Monika was downloading correctly to her laptop, but she was opening the e-book by double-clicking on it.  Her Microsoft Windows had no program assigned to the amazon e-book file extension and couldn’t open it for her to read on the laptop.  We need to get the e-book from the laptop to the Kindle.  The second part of this process involved the Kindle.  She connected it’s USB cable to the laptop’s USB port.  Next, I opened File Explorer in the laptop and found the Kindle under drive E:.  The e-book was copied from the Download folder and pasted into E:.  Now, the e-book is in the Kindle.  The Kindle was opened by Monika and the reader was opened. It took a while, but we found the downloads folder and the new e-book was there and she could read it.  It took both of us to solve this problem because I don’t know if I would have thought to use her laptop to get an e-book to her Kindle.  It also took me asking questions and listening to see her process to catch the mistake. 

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