This Saturday morning I was leaving Basches Martial Arts about 0730 and noticed a missed phone call at 0705 from a husband and wife client of mine.  I called them back and learned that their Kindle Tablet is frozen and unusable. A few hours later after I was done at Spiece Fitness I made an emergency Kindle on-site service call. The wife uses it heavily to read books and without it, she’s lost.  I interviewed her to find the history. It has worked fine for a long time and then this morning she found it frozen at the beginning of the splash screen for new books. 

It was assumed the single button was the power button and she has never pushed it  to turn off the tablet. The cover flap is just closed and the Kindle sleeps when she’s done with it.  I felt it needed a hard power reset so  I pushed the power button down for about 30 seconds.  It finally turned off and blanked the tablet screen. The Kindle was turned back on showed the startup splash screen and displayed her books – quite an improvement over being frozen.  We tested it for about 5 minutes by opening books and closing them and closing the Kindle and it worked as it should. She was grateful it was fixed and said “My husband was ready to go buy me another one before we called you!”     

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