One of my computer repair clients asked me to help them with a sad situation. My client wanted me to blog about it so here we go. One of their friends bought a laptop through the internet thinking they got a great purchase.  The details are cloudy now, but something was wrong with the laptop when it arrived.  It was either dead or the laptop powered on without any video on the screen.  They took it to a local computer repair company and all they did was replace the hard drive I was told.  The laptop still wouldn’t run for my client’s friend. 

I was asked to look at the laptop and see what was wrong.  I spent a while troubleshooting and nothing I did got it working – the motherboard was probably dead.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get the hard drive to spin so it was dead as well. Last I heard the friend bought another laptop and I don’t know from where but I doubt it was over the internet.  So be cautious when purchasing from unknown sources on the internet. 

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