I was at an office this week where a Windows laptop was experiencing problems connecting to my client’s wireless router. There were no other wireless devices in the office. The other computers were wired with ethernet cables to the router and they were connecting and working well on the network.  I tried connecting with my two smartphones and they both couldn’t do it. they could see the SSID or access point but getting the information to save was not working on either phone. This made it clear that the wireless router was the problem.  The busines owner did not know the wireless password or the Administrator console login credentials.  I made the decision to reset it using the reset button on the back.  This solved the problem and I could connect the laptop and my phones to the wireless router after that. The router was secured with a password and a different SSID than the default one. the business owner was happy and happily went on their way using their laptop anywhere in the building.

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