A friend brought me their touchscreen laptop last month.  The screen was cracked in the upper right-hand corner and they wanted to know if it was worth repairing.  I started researching how hard it would be to replace the touchscreen and how much a new screen cost.  The repair procedure I found required the laptop to be completely dismantled to replace the screen and the motherboard has to be removed and ALL internal cables. I felt it wasn’t worth the risk to damage some other part of the laptop to try and replace the screen.  

Only a small part of the screen was unreadable so I wondered if my friend could still use the laptop even with a cracked screen. Using the touchscreen was nearly impossible on or near the cracked area since the cursor jumped erratically.  My friend asked if I could disable the touchscreen so they could use touchpad or external mouse. Research was done and I found out  the touchscreen can be disabled in windows 7’s Control panel!  Once I did that, touching the touchscreen doesn’t affect the cursor now and the touchpad and works well controlling the cursor!

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