Today or tomorrow I will be replacing a Toshiba laptop screen for one of my computer repair clients. They cracked the screen, but the computer still runs and they can see the Microsoft Windows desktop on it.  I don’t know how it cracked; whether it was dropped or something struck the screen directly.  This one doesn’t look too difficult from the research I performed. It should just be removing the screws around the screen bezel and the screws holding the display to the frame once I pop off the bezel.  The video cable connector is on the display so the base of the laptop shouldn’t need access.  I remember a Dell screen I replaced several years ago which required me to dismantle the laptop base and lift the keyboard out to disconnect the video cable from the motherboard.  That one was time-consuming. Another one I did for a networker was a real pain because the diagrams and directions I had for this model were for a different model.  The model numbers were so close I couldn’t find his exact one and I thought the one I found was his,  So I had to guess how to access the video cable connected to the motherboard.  I eventually got it completed, but it took a long time. Before you have your laptop screen replaced, check if it’s under warranty.  One manufacturer has a no questions policy for a short time if something happens to the laptop it’s covered- even if it’s negligence on your part.   

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