I have been working on a Microsoft Vista laptop last week when I have time. The previous owner retired it and gave it to me because they got a new Windows 10 one. I try to use many different operating systems to stay up to date on them – even older ones. The owner’s main complaint was the lack of wireless connectivity for the past six months. The laptop used to work on their wireless network for years. The first thing I did was remove all the personal data from the computer with a utility I have. Next, all the useless programs which came with the computer were removed. There were probably 30 of them; things like media players, worthless support programs, games, trial versions.  As these programs were removed, the computer got faster. The ethernet connection was working so now I could focus on the wireless network system.  I couldn’t get it to connect to a secure wireless network, but open ones worked.  I observed the windows updates had not been installed since December 2015 and tried to get them to run but they never did work. Maybe the wireless adapter driver needs updated.  Maybe the security program is hindering it.  I’ll keep working on it in between other projects and let you know what happens. 

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