I was helping a client compare two computers on Cyber Monday so they could choose one. They were both laptop/tablet convertibles. 

The HP had a three year warranty and the Dell had one year so the HP wins here. The HP had two drives: an SSD for the operating system and a SATA 1TB for the data. The Dell had a single 1 TB SATA drive so the HP would be faster. Both computers had 16GB for RAM so this is a tie. I asked the user how much the units weighed and the Dell weighed 6 lbs and the HP was 2 lbs lighter so the HP wins here.  The CPUs were same so it was a tie for the processor.

One thing the HP had and the Dell didn’t was a docking port on the underside for a docking station.  This indicates the HP is a business-class laptop and the Dell is a home model.  Business models are generally more rugged and robust than home models.

In all but one category the HP wins so I advised my client to get this one. Understand that this was not a side by side comparison but a specification comparison since my client was going to order these on-line.


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