My laptop is probably my main tool in my computer repair business. It holds my accounting program, it gets used for troubleshooting and for data recovery.  It’s a 9 year-old business class Lenovo Thinkpad.  You can tell it’s a business laptop because it has a docking port, external audio controls and the inner frame is aluminum and hardened plastic.

As nice as it is, the hard drive is too small and filling up and the battery doesn’t hold much of a charge anymore.  The operating system doesn’t update any longer and the hinges are loose with too much play in them.  I’ve tried to repair the hinge play and I couldn’t do it.

I’ve procrastinated buying a new one partly because of the cost and one other reason.  The older laptops I own are easier to repair and work on newer ones. They are made to easily remove sub-components like the RAM and hard drive.  The newer ones I repair have sub-components which are harder to access by having one cover that is harder to remove than older laptops. Not all newer laptops are like this, but the one’s I’ve seen are like this. 


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