One of my computer clients e-mailed me last week with an issue with their business computer.  They type reports for their clients which contain numerical fractions of the findings. Common ones are 1/4 and 1/2.  When the fractions are typed, they are large enough and are arranged horizontally.  Almost Immediately, they get converted to a vertical orientation with a much smaller size.  Their clients can’t read the small size and I could barely make it out as well. My client couldn’t figure out how to enlarge them after many attempts. 

They were using LibreOffice writer for creating these reports. LibreOffice was my suggestion since I use it and it’s a robust and powerful office suite.  Using a remote control program, I connected via the internet to their Windows 10 computer.  I opened LibreOffice Writer and searched in the various pull-down menus for a clue. There were so many settings and submenues that I didn’t find it on my own.  Using the internet, I finally found it.  I traversed to Tools- Auto-correct.  disabling “Auto-correct while typing.” solved the issue. Later, I found a large list of Auto-correct replacements and there wer 3 common fractions, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4. I could have deleted these three entries and it would have done the same thing. 

Now my client is happy to send her reports with the fractions fully readable and I know how to adjust the auto-correct features in Writer.

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