“Can you help?”, was the short and simple LinkedIn message I got from one of my connections last month. The message came across on my smartphone which made it easy to respond. I didn’t remember this person and sent a LinkedIn message back asking about the problem. Eventually, a phone call was made and we discussed the problem with their laptop. We really didn’t know each other, and we think we may have met at a networking group. I’m not sure how we connected on LinkedIn, but my typical behavior is to meet someone at a networking group and then send a LinkedIn invitation.  I try to verbally let the person know I sent an invitation as well while we are still at the meeting. It turns out they also follow my computer repair blog and knew my computer abilities from it.  When they needed laptop support, all they remembered was my first name and searched for it in LinkedIn. Fortunately, my personal LinkedIn page was found because of the work I’ve put into it over the years.  


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