A few weeks ago at the New Haven chamber networking Group I was trying to send a message to someone who wasn’t there that day.  I was going to help them with an Apple device situation and I hadn’t heard from them.  Their first name was known but not their last and I knew they worked for a bank.  I asked Herb if he remembered their last name and he didn’t know.  He did remember the bank’s name so I was narrowing the search down. 

I assumed the person was on LinkedIN so I started a search armed with a first name and their employer’s name. I took a guess the person used Fort Wayne for their LinkedIN city since they been at our group several times.  The search  criteria was first name: Bob, company:  First Source Bank, and city: Fort Wayne. This yielded the correct person and I sent them a invitation to connect on LI which they accepted.  We began conversing through LI and set a time to meet later in the week.  Thank You Herb and LinkedIN.   

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