When I was first invited to FaceBook and LinkedIn they appeared like a huge waste of time.  That was around 2007 and now It’s funny how much social media is part of my business in 2018.   I use them to promote my computer business, networking groups, and my clients.  An interesting thing I’ve noticed is my Facebook “friends” are much smaller in number, but are more active in commenting on my blogs and posts. There are two of my Facebook friends I can always count on to share my two blogs. On LinkedIn, there isn’t any one person who shares my blogs with any consistency. People occasionally do share my blogs, but not a lot.

Sharing pictures of my networking group on LinkedIn definitely gets me more views than on FaceBook. The reason I know this is LI has nice analytics for posts I make. One picture of our group in January had 1100 views and my most recent had 2200 views. The nice thing is the majority of them were people I am not directly connected to, but 2nd-level connections. I don’t think FaceBook has analytics like this , but maybe I missed them.

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