I learned early in my work life that it’s important to collect recommendations from people who know your work. My father relied on colleague’s opinions of people he was hiring and he taught me to ask my employers for recommendation letter’s when I was still in high school. When I was 16, I worked for Holly’s Landing, a restaurant in Fort Wayne. After being there for a year or two, four recommendation letters were in my possession from my managers. I used them in interviewing for jobs in and after college.

Fast forward to the present day and I still do this with Social Media and my web sites. Well, I don’t ask for physical paper letters – I ask for Google and Facebook reviews and LinkedIn recommendations. It has helped my computer business when brand new people search for my category and find my company with numerous positive reviews and testimonials on social media.

My Shane Grantham Consulting web site is my main promotional venue and after looking at it last week, I realized only five recommendations were listed. Many more are on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Google accounts. So I decided to learn how to add them to my web site. Now I have 15 or so and am adding a few every day. I simply copied them from Facebook and the other sites into my wordpress website.

If you have a website, see if you have recommendations listed and add them if you don’t. How else are your potential clients going to know how good you are when they arrive at your website?

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