I visited a new Computer Repair client recently and I’d like to share how they found me. It started when a partner of a local HVAC company sent me a LinkedIn message. They were looking for a reliable computer company they could count on. They had grown to 3 sites servicing over 20,000 customers and they didn’t have the time or personnel to do their own IT.  They went on to say “Your recommendations are why I am reaching out. A person with that level of service is someone who we want to partner with.” 

The interesting thing is I have never met the partner of the HVAC in person and they found me purely from my LinkedIn profile which has 40 recommendations. These recommendations are from computer clients, former bosses, co-workers and past clients. If you want to be found on LinkedIn and get business from it, then work on asking to your contacts to recommend you. I also added as much of my experience, education and skills to my LinkedIn profile as I could.

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