One Friday afternoon around three my smartphone rang as I was walking the dog. It was an 800 number so I assumed it was another telemarketer. The caller said it wasn’t a sales call and introduced himself as the CEO of an Indianapolis IT infrastructure company. They were lining up computer support for one of their new Fort Wayne clients.

The CEO found me on LinkedIn and liked my qualifications. He also noticed we had many common connections in the Fort Wayne area. He also had some services I could use in the future and I could see us helping each other out.

This phone call wouldn’t have happened if time hadn’t been invested in my LinkedIn profile to keep it current and informative. Years ago I began writing recommendations for some of my contacts on LinkedIn and asking others to write one for me. Now I have 40 recommendations on LinkedIn which is more than the average LinkedIn user.  Additionally, I send invitations to my computer repair clients and networkers soon after we meet. About every day or two I post my blog article on LinkedIn and this helps my contacts see what I’m doing and that I can help them. 

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