LinkedIn is the quieter, professional counterpart to Facebook in my experience. It seems to be a mystery to some of the business people I work with who aren’t always sure how to use it. One of my services is helping you with LinkedIn and beefing up a user’s profile.

LinkedIn is my secondary contact list behind my Google contacts. If I can’t find someone in Google contacts then I try LinkedIn. Soon after I meet someone in a business setting, I will try to find them on LinkedIn and then send an invitation. Lately, I don’t send as many LinkedIn invitations as I once did because more people are finding me. I don’t have exact statistics, but it seems I get one to two invitations a day from all sorts of people. I accept most of them even though I don’t recall meeting them. Maybe that’s wrong but I feel if they look harmless and they want to connect – than more people will know my about business offerings.

Maybe the reason I get so many invitations is I post original articles like this one from my two websites on LinkedIn. Or is it my pretty extensive profile. which includes 40 recommendations, my computer services and courses I’ve taken? Perhaps it’s the networking groups I’ve been connected to for 12 years?

If you’re on LinkedIn, do you receive invitations from people you don’t know? How do you handle them?

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