I flipped on one of my Linux PCs tonight and saw the startup splash screen appear but something was wrong . The hard drive LED was blinking meaning the hard drive was loading files, but the screen went blank. It stayed blank for 10 minutes. Various things were attempted and I ended up restarting with the ALT CNTL DEL keys. A CDROM disc was in the DVD drive and I hoped the problem was an incorrect boot device – but it wasn’t. And the search continued.

I ran the Linux recovery at startup and selected the first options in order. Disk cleanup didn’t find much to clean and disk check said not enough free space was available to execute. Then I realized the small EXT4 partition was full and unable to start the Linux operating system. Free space was badly needed and the Linux GUI was unavailable. The Linux recovery menu was run again and this time the terminal option was selected and the command prompt appeared. I Deleted the entire dropbox folder of 11GB and the computer now boots fine into Linux.

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