Most of the time my computer repair service calls are on Microsoft Windows computers.  Once in a while I get the pleasure of working with Macintosh’s or Linux computers and last month this actually happened.  I was working on hardware issues on this Linux Mint desktop which originally shipped with Microsoft Windows XP so that tells you how old this was.  That’s one of the many reasons I like Linux; it can resurrect old Windows XP computers.  After I completed my client’s task list, they asked me a question about defragging their hard drive and why they couldn’t find any defrag tools. I learned from my college professor years ago that the Linux files systems (EXTx) are designed differently than Microsoft Windows (NTFS) and they don’t get fragmented nearly as bad as Windows. In a nutshell, that’s why there are no built-in defrag tools in Linux.  I did find some on-line but have never used any in Linux.

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