I have a program I use to rip DVDs called handbrake. It has versions for Linux (my favorite OS) and Microsoft Windows 10. A few years ago I got it to run on a Linux Mint 20 desktop computer which has a 64-bit CPU(Central Processing Unit). It also got installed on one of my Windows 10 computers with a 64-bit CPU. When I tried to install Handbrake on it, it failed because it had a 32-bit Operating system.

I didn’t think you could install a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit CPU, but apparently you can. On another Windows 10 laptop, Handbrake could be installed because both the OS and CPU were 64-bit. Now I was curious why handbrake installed successfully on the Linux Desktop computer. System information was run on it and it showed both the OS and CPU were 64-bit. Handbrake must check the OS type for 64-bit and not the CPU.

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