I’ve been using Microsoft Windows 10 since it was available and for the most part, I like the features and ease of use. One thing which is annoying is the continued forced downloads and installation of updates.  It’s scary when the computer tells you have to restart to finish the updates and you’re in the middle of something you can’t halt.  A few years ago I was working in QuickBooks  on my Windows 10 laptop and Windows 10 rebooted to install updates. Quickbooks had my data file open and this corrupted my QB file. A whole day or two was spent getting Quickbooks back to normal.

Ever since then, I cringe when I see a Windows 10 update notice. From what I’ve read, there’s no way to disable Windows 10 updates from the control Panel. But if you disable the Windows update service, it does stop the updates and their downloads.

Other operating systems such as Linux don’t do this and let you decide when to install updates. If you are tired of Microsoft’s tyrannical update policy, start using Linux and update when you want to. In all the years of Linux use, I never had it force me to reboot or reboot on its own with an update. The updates  are available on the taskbar by clicking on the Update Manager Shield.


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