I have yet to see any technical articles on Linux and Ransomware so I wanted to share my thoughts. One of the dangers of using a computer is getting infected with malicious software. Viruses, key-loggers, and ransomware are some of these malicious software which can ruin your computing experience. I use Microsoft Windows, Apple OS and various Linux OSs and in my experience the Windows OS is the worst in security terms.

Over my computer consulting career, I’ve encountered numerous Windows computers infected with malicious software and no Linux infections. Of course, I have many more Windows client computers than Apple and Linux. Regarding my computers, I have had no malware on my Linux computers(that I know of) and some minor ones on the Windows ones. My computer education in college taught me that Linux was designed with security in mind and Microsoft Windows wasn’t. Security is an afterthought with Windows and each version adds more security features to the base system which probably slows it down.

The bottom line is to avoid malware and especially Ransomware, use Linux as your operating system. There many versions(called distros) available and that can be a hard choice when starting with Linux.

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