Working on my client’s computer issues makes it harder to work on my own problems. Lately, my main desktop computer has hesitated on start ups and I have to repair it often. I ran the disk utility and discovered it had bad sectors on the hard drive. This means the hard drive has physical damage and is unreliable.  There are two hard drives in the computer and I decided to use the second one one as the main one.  I copied my personal data off the failing one to the new one and removed the failing one. 

Then the latest Linux Mint operating system was installed on the remaining hard drive where it had plenty of room.  Software was installed from the software manager and things are getting back to normal.  Linux has a optical scanner program, a media ripping program, office suites and many others freely available or automatically installed.  

The one thing I forgot to backup but later recovered were my Brave web browser bookmarks.  I’m writing this article on the computer and it’s faster than on the failing hard drive.  

If you haven’t used Linux Mint than ask me for assistance or try it on your own.  It’s sleeker and safer than Microsoft windows products

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