One of my new computer clients was working on their Windows computer this summer. It started to give them grief and they decided to wipe it clean and re-install the operating system. Well, something went wrong with their procedure and their computer was stuck in some kind of limbo-land with just a blinking cursor when it was turned on.  Their next move was to reinstall Windows, but they had no Windows 7 DVDs.  

That’s where I came to the rescue. We talked it over and they liked my idea of installing Linux Mint 18 on it. With Linux they can browse the web with multiple browsers, write letters, create spreadsheets, edit videos, create PDF documents, watch videos, and anything else they could do on Microsoft Windows.  The other nice thing with Linux DVDs is you can test drive it before you install it. It’s free and safer to use. 

Once we got Linux installed and tweaked, the computer was very fast and responsive. My client also doesn’t have to worry about malware like they would with a Microsoft Windows computer. After a few days I checked with them to see how they were doing and they said, “Linux is great- I’m keeping this computer for me!” The computer was doing so good that they were going to use it for themselves instead of letting their family member have it! That’s how good Linux is!  If you want to check Linux out, just ask me.

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