Earlier this month I had a Fort Wayne computer client request a computer for light web browsing in their home office.  My client was a computer novice wanted little fuss with the computer.  They said their old one was slow, but they didn’t want me to troubleshoot it. I set up a Dell Desktop computer which originally had Windows XP as the operating system. Since XP isn’t safe for the internet, I installed Linux Mint 17.2 on it. Linux is easy to use, safer on the internet than Microsoft Windows and best of all it’s free.  When I got to my client’s, I connected the computer to their monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer.  I was concerned about the printer because it may not work with Linux as it had it with Windows 7.  Surprisingly, the printer worked fine because Linux found it, correctly identified it and installed a driver for it.  Another advantage Linux has over Windows is the central location to download programs called the Software Manager. Microsoft Windows users must go to different web sites to download and install software.

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