I got a phone call today from a long-time computer customer who has a Linux computer. They could print yesterday and today they can’t after sending an obituary article to their HP printer. Troubleshooting printers using remote control tools is challenging if the problem is physical. Luckily I had someone on the other end who already had restarted the printer and then proved it could print a local test page. It now points to something on the computer.

A remote control session was initiated once the correct account was determined. An old entry still existed and I mistakenly attempted to connect to it. I connected and opened the printers application and found 2 identical HP printers. She only has one printer so one was a duplicate. The print queue was opened on one of the printers and 8 jobs were there . I started canceling them one at a time and when one of the obits got canceled (deleted), the printer began printing her other jobs my customer said. It looks like one of the obituaries died in the printer queue and corrupted it.

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