I have several computers with different operating systems on them like Windows, Apple and Linux.   My favorite of them is Linux because it’s stable and versatile.  The great thing about Linux is it runs on the same computers which Microsoft Windows run on. Most of my Linux computers are running on retired Windows XP, Vista, and 7 computers and Linux gave them new life.

Linux doesn’t usually have problems, but one of my older Linux computers was giving me fits last month.  It has Mint 17.2 installed and wasn’t acting normal.  Web pages were slow and opening programs took too long.  I wanted to check if the latest updates were installed since old operating system components can be unpredictable.  Linux has updates to it just like Windows and Apple computers.  I tried running updates and the computer didn’t respond.  Linux wouldn’t check for updates or return any errors.  I don’t remember all the details but somehow I discovered the Update Manager needed updated!  Once I got it updated, the updates came pouring in.  I installed them and the computer has been fine ever since.

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