A friend and client called me about a optical scanner which wouldn’t work in Microsoft Windows 7 for them. They downloaded a driver which didn’t work.  I suggested they install Linux Mint along side windows 7 to give them a second opinion.  They found It works in Linux mint so we know it isn’t a hardware issue with the scanner. It’s a software driver in Windows 7.  I encouraged my client to contact the manufacturer to see if a Windows 7 driver existed or any suggestions.  They could also try safe mode in windows 7  and see if device manager showed multiple scanners.  An enable hidden devices in Device Manager to see all devices and delete the conflicting ones.   My client later informed me their is no Windows 7 driver as this scanner was designed for Windows XP and earlier Microsoft operating systems.  My client was just going to us the scanner in Linus Mint with it’s built-in scanner utilities like Scan and not worry about getting it to work in Windows.  They prefer Linux Mint over Microsoft so this works out for them for the better.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint Operating System


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