I know I’ve been raving about the operating system called Linux which comes in many flavors(called distributions). It can do almost everything that Microsoft Windows can do, but one area I have had a problem with is watching some videos in web browsers. When I use the Chrome Web Browser in Linux,and try to watch on-line Comcast TV, I get a message: “Flash compatibility issue. XFINITY┬« TV requires a more recent version of Flash ( update to the latest version of Flash and ensure your browser is Flash compatible.” I’ve tried many times over the last two years to download a newer version of Flash for Chrome and Firefox, but it never has worked. I even tried Opera web browser and the same problem results. Different computers have been tried with different versions of Linux Mint and Ubuntu. My internet research hasn’t been much help and I’m not the only one with this problem with Comcast TV and Linux. It’s aggravating because if I could get this issue resolved, I could use Linux almost full-time and not miss Microsoft Windows.

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