Updates are necessary for any computer operating system to stay functional and secure. The operating systems I am speaking of are Microsoft Windows 10 and Linux Mint. I have experience with Microsoft Windows and Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Mint. Of the two, Windows is the most intrusive from my experience.  I’ve had my own Windows 10 laptop reboot with new updates three years ago. It messed up my accounting program and it took me a day or two to repair. To be fair I think Microsoft has improved the update installation procedure where it doesn’t reboot when it wants to.  I have had some computer service calls where a Microsoft Windows update has rendered a computer unusable and I had to remove an update.

Linux Mint updates are much easier to manage than Microsoft Windows 10 because they let you install them when you want to.  In Mint, a grey and blue shield appears on the panel near the clock when updates are available.  You have the choice which ones you want to install.  It reminds me of how Microsoft used to do things. 

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