One of my old computers has a newer version of Linux Mint I installed recently. I decided to enable the recovery utility called timeshift this time. It’s good to test the programs so I know features I can share with my clients. Timeshift allows you to go back in time with the operating system in case of a catastrophe like a misbehaving program or problem driver.

I was using this computer for a few weeks when I noticed it was getting sluggish. Then low disk space warnings started appearing and I knew I had to find out why. The disk usage utility appeared and I let it scan the hard drives for space wasters. To my surprise, timeshift snapshots were the largest disk users. The snapshot is the collection of files Linux backs up regularly and saves to a designated area. The snapshots were moved to another hard drive in the computer or deleted altogether. Now the computer is faster and Timeshift is saving snapshots to another hard drive.

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