One of my file servers is Linux Ubuntu 16 and runs pretty well serving my computers with file sharing capabilities. Various computers need access to the Linux file server like Linux Mint and Microsoft Windows 7 and 10. The Linux workstations can connect without issues using the ssh command at a Caja file and folder program(it’s similar to Windows File Explorer). 

My Microsoft Windows client workstations can’t connect to the Linux file server.  In the past I have gotten my other Linux server to be seen by Windows clients with the use of the Samba package in Linux. Samba is installed on my Linux Ubuntu server and I thought I ran the correct configuration steps, but something was wrong. I could access the files from all my Linux workstations, write to the files, delete files, and and anything else in the folders. 

From Windows, I could ping the server and see just the server name in File Explorer, but nothing else- no files could be seen at all.  If a drive letter was mapped to the Linux server, errors happened. I checked to make sure the samba Daemon was running and it was. Linux uses many text files to configure and control programs.  The smb.conf file was checked and I found a misspelled word in the home section for making the folders browse-able.  This was my fault and once I fixed it, I could see the folders on my Windows 10 computer.  Unfortunately, The folders still couldn’t be opened and browsed in my Windows 10 computers and I will check if my Windows 7 computers can.   I’ll continue this riveting saga next time!

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