I use Linux Mint on many of my computers and some of my client’s when it’s a good fit. Recently I took an old laptop I had in inventory and reworked it so Linux Mint was the main OS. Microsoft Windows 7 is still available as an operating system. The problem is I have to reattach to the wireless in Linux to my Wifi every time the laptop is turned on. I’ve had the problem with other computing devices and it seems to be with the router.

To test my theory I turned on another wifi router and the Linux laptop connected the 1st time without me intervening at all. It also connects each time the laptop’s turned on. To make sure the problem is not the laptop, I turned off the second wifi router and tried the WiFi on the main router and I have to reconnect manually again. So this troubleshooting points to my main wifi router as the problem. To be continued…

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