Not long ago I was at business client of mine and we were creating drive mappings to a Linux server.  The computer we were using was a Windows 7 professional model like the others in their company office. Their Linux server uses the Samba service to allow Microsoft Windows clients to access files and folders over their network. 

On the Windows 7 computer I mapped the first drive easily. Next, the second drive mapping was attempted and failed. I can’t recall the exact message, but it said something like two paths to the same location couldn’t be mapped from one login. I tried many different things and I thought I found the problem when I saw the other computers were logging into a Windows domain and this computer was on a workgroup. I couldn’t get it to connect to any Domain Controller and had to get their Linux server guy involved. He tried all kinds of things and finally discovered IPv6 was interfering with the drive mapping. Once it was disabled, we could map as many drives as we wanted. I don’t think we ever did figure out why it interfered- we were just relieved to fix it.

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