I have a Linux file server on my ethernet/wireless network for archiving data and other reasons. I prefer Linux over Microsoft products because of it’s reliability and robustness.  Another reason is security.   My smartphone’s files gets cleaned and archived occasionally while it’s connected to my desktop computers.

A weird phenomenon is that I can copy files directly from the smartphone to my Linux server. Copying from the linux server directly to the smartphone fails.  I’ve kind of played around with permissions and it’s yet to fix it.  The work around is simple: First, I copy the file from the server to the computer’s desktop over the ethernet or wireless network.  Then the file on the desktop computer is copied to my smartphone. When I’m on computer service calls, this sometimes happens in different scenarios when files are moved from one device to another like a USB drive or DVD. When I can’t do it directly. I find an intermediary location and usually it works.

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