This week one of my service calls was to one of my all Apple Fort Wayne Computer Repair clients. They have a Mac desktop, and iPad, two iPods, and a Mac laptop. The first challenge was the Mac desktop computer’s mail program was stuck in a loop trying to send 2 messages over and over. This was difficult because the two messages were blinking rapidly back and forth. I could tell it was trying to send the messages, but no errors were displayed. I discovered that one of the five email accounts was no longer valid because my client closed it. This was the culprit because once it was deleted the account the mail program stopped blinking with the two messages.  The next challenge was getting an iPad to sync with the Mac laptop.for iTunes.  A message about low disk space appeared occasionally and my client didn’t know what it meant because the iPad was supposed to have plenty of space. We used the system preferences utility to check the laptop’s The low disk space was on the laptop because the 250 GB hard drive had less than 4GB free which is far too little for the operating systek to function.  My client will delete some files to free up some space

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