I love my two Apple laptops and use them more than my Windows/Linux ones. One is a three year-old MacBook Air and they other is an older MacBook Pro. I don’t have any Apple desktops – just Linux and Windows 10 desktops. The nice thing about Apple computers is underneath they are Linux which is safer than Microsoft Windows which can be a virus magnet..

This blog is being written on my MacBook Pro from 2012. I love that it has old style type B USB ports, an ethernet port, bluetooth, Wifi, a DVD drive, and other ports. I put a good-size 480GB SSD(Solid State Drive) in it and 10GB of RAM. One of the features of the Apples are that being Linux underneath they can access NTFS and FAT file systems which is great for data recovery. Something else I find beneficial is that it has one-button volume controls on the top row of the keyboard and a mute button.

This laptop is heavier than my newer Macbook air partly because it has a DVD drive and an SSD. The Air has a lighter hard drive and lighter electronics and is great for web browsing and being on the go.

What is your favorite laptop? Why?

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