I don’t like buying from Amazon since they are a New World Order company and they like destroying small businesses. Of course according to them, they are helping the world. A year ago I received a gift card from a relative of mine. I used it to buy a USB thumb drive on Amazon because it was the only place I could find this capacity. I was excited thinking about all the data I could store on it and waited for its arrival. But when it arrived – it failed and I followed the return procedure. It was returned back to the seller and finally after 8 months and me nagging them, I received a credit on Amazon.

I tried again to buy three items for my Raspberry PI Linux computers on Amazon. It was supposed to be delivered last week and an email was received stating the package was undeliverable! So now I had to start over trying to spend my credit. The email said to wait 5 business days for the account to be updated so I waited patiently. This morning when I stepped outside to leave for the day imagine what was on my porch. Yes, the Amazon package! Complete and seemingly unharmed. My wife speculated that a inexperienced delivery person attempted delivery and couldn’t find our house and took it back to the depot. I’m very glad to get my parts and now I can close this Amazon mess.

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