I was reading an article regarding one of the most dangerous malware types today: Ransomware. There are different types of malware, but this type is very dangerous because it renders your personal files unreadable and inaccessible. A ransom is demanded in order to decrypt and read them. I pride myself with being great at malware removal and I can disinfect ransomware, but the problem is the damage it leaves behind. I haven’t been able to restore the clients’ encrypted files nor have I paid ransoms to recover lost files. My best advice is to open email on a Linux or Mac computer because I feel they are more secure than Microsoft Windows, Avoid reading your email on a windows computer with important files residing on it. Read email on a computer which has nothing important on it. The article explained the 60% of the USA email have malicious attachments with payloads. Another practice to plug security holes on your computers is to keep them current with the latest patches for everything installed like Windows and programs.

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