A Fort Wayne computer repair client of mine asked me to evaluate their Microsoft Vista home computer before they started using it again after several years of inactivity. I connected all their components together, then turned it on and after Vista started, many program windows started appearing.  PC-Fixit pro, Speedup, and many others.  There was also a fake anti-virus pop-up as well.  It had so many rogue programs demanding user interaction that it was unusable.  I restarted it and scanned with one of my secret tools which found many unwanted programs l ike Wajam, a trojan downloader and many others.  The computer was restarted and after Windows Vista loaded, the computer was faster but still had unwanted programs running.  Something else was discovered which was terribly wrong: the McAfee Security program expired in 2010 and no anti-virus was running. I got Comodo Internet Security installed, updated and configured.  It found more malware while I removed the unwanted programs. Many of them were toolbars and fake computer utilities. Make sure your Windows computers have anti-virus programs installed, updated and protecting you in real-time. 

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