I had an odd dream this week. Apparently, I was working for a company as an employee, something I ceased doing over ten years ago. It was a computer repair company and may have been the last place I was employed when I was an outside computer technician.  Or maybe it wasn’t.

In the dream, I was in the office working on a computer or studying something when one of the managers started talking to me. He asked questions about my marketing efforts and what I was doing to get more business.  I explained I wrote a daily blog on my website, I post on Social Media sites like LinkedIn. Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and others. He kept mentioning the phone and if I call people every day. My thoughts on phone soliciting are I don’t want to participate because I get unwanted phone calls daily and they are a hassle. Why subject others to the same thing?  The closest thing I do to phone solicitation is a regular email to my computer repair clients.  The other thing I mentioned was I help run and market a Chamber of Commerce business networking group in New Haven, Indiana for all businesses. I finally realize I’m talking to our companies marketing director and I think,”Isn’t this your job? Why are you asking me about this?”

Then I woke up from the dream that was maybe trying to tell me I need to call people more often on the phone. Have you had any marketing dreams about your business?


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