shaneI was at the Fortune Buffet yesterday for lunch where they have a nice food selection. It seems to be clean and well-stocked during the usual lunch and dinner times. Whenever I am out in public, I wear a business shirt with my logo on it and today it came in handy. I was sitting at my table and as a gentleman passed by, we said hi to each other. He noticed my Grantham Consulting logo and then asked what kind of consulting I do. Of course I responded with “computer” and then I listed my common services like speeding up slow computers, backing data up, and social media training. He wanted my card because he is having trouble with his computer and is tired of it. If I didn’t have my logo on my shirt, would he have stopped to talk to me? Probably not.  This isn’t the first time someone noticed my logo and asked what I did. Remember- people are looking at you – you might as well advertise your business when they do.

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