I was contacted last week about a Windows 7 Dell computer where the owner couldn’t renew their McAfee Livesafe Software.  The software was due to expire in a week and the user was trying to stay ahead of it.  They went on-line and by following the renewal link in McAfee’s program (I think).  They downloaded the program update to their computer and I don’t know what happened after that.  I found 2 setup files in their download folder from yesterday and guessed this was the update. One of the files was a duplicate so they downloaded the same file twice. I ran it and an error happened with a message which made no sense.  Next I examined McAfee Livesafe to see what it reported,  I clicked on the “about” button to see what the subscription info said and was surprised to discover the program expires May 2017 which means the owner was successful in updating the program.  

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