One of my business computer clients uses Microsoft Office Outlook for their business correspondence.  I set up a new computer for them because they were on an old Microsoft Operating System.  The main program installed and ported over fine.

The challenging part of this project was getting Microsoft Office downloaded from their GoDaddy account and installed.  If it been the DVD version, it would have been smoother.  I had to fiddle around with their on-line account and add another license.  Then it wouldn’t run as an installed version but as a trial.   Finally on-line I found a “register software on this computer” setting which worked.   

Now we opened Outlook on the new computer and got it configured.  Luckily, most of the configuration was automatic and I thought we were done when the messages starting filling the inbox.  My client said they needed a password on their outllook so other employees wouldn’t see sensitive messages.  I tried some things and nothing worked so I’m continuing to research this.

This week I’m stopping by to look at their previous computer to see how the Outlook was configured and if was password-protected. 

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