I was on-site at a Fort Wayne computer repair business client last week helping setup their new Windows 10 laptop. A security program was installed and then some other programs. We then started work on their business email and this is where we hit a snag. My client works for a company that provides email services through Microsoft web Outlook. To use it, one opens a web browser, browses to their email web site and logs in to their interface.  When my client did this, it didn’t look the same way it did on their old laptop and saving attachments required an extra step. It was slowing them down and they wanted it to work the way his old laptop did. We checked the settings in Outlook and the web browser and nothing was obviously wrong.  I researched on the internet and didn’t find anything related to problem. 

We had run out of ideas so I had them call their company’s tech support line since they manage their Outlook Web access. Maybe they can shed some light on the mystery. Within 5 minutes of calling their tech support we were talking to Kevin and he started asking questions.  He asked what web browser we were using and I thought it was Internet Explorer.  It turns out we were really using the Microsoft Edge browser!  When my client started the web browser before I arrived, he thought he was on Internet Explorer and didn’t realize it was edge. Their icons are both little blue e’s are very similar to each other.  

Now when they open Internet Explorer and Web Outlook, it looks and acts as it should and my client can use their email.  Sometimes, you have to call technical support and and this time I got lucky!

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