Microsoft Windows 10 arrived on the computer scene in 2015 and I have been using it ever since. As soon as I started using it, I felt comfortable with it because it resembled previous versions like Windows 7.  One aspect of it has interfered with my computer life like no previous version of Windows – updates.  Many others also dread Windows 10 updates from one time or another.

A few years ago,  one of my laptops had my Quickbooks program and database open.  I watched in horror as it rebooted with a Windows 10 update before I could save the database to the hard drive.  The next two days were spent getting Quickbooks to run properly.

Last week my main Windows 10 laptop was in a loop of installing an update and failing.  Then it would remove it,  reboot and start the process over.  It took a long time to g through the cycle before I could stop it.  It finally corrected itself and has been ok for a week.  

if you have to use Windows 10 home version, you can push out your updates 35 days in settings.  I do this on my computers so I can have a month of peace from updates.   I just read in Windows 10 pro you can do a year push out but I haven’t tested it yet.

A better idea is to abandon Windows 10 and use Linux instead. With Linux, the updates aren’t installed until you do it so you have more control.

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