Do you need Microsoft Windows 11? For most of us the answer is no.  Microsoft Windows 10 will continue to be supported with updates for another 4 years from what I’ve read in technical articles.  Additionally, it won’t suddenly stop working because  11 came out.  My standard advice for years is if you are getting your computer work done with Windows 10 and it’s secure, then stay there.

For people like me who have to stay current with the latest OSs I want at least one computer with Windows 11 so I can be familiar with it.  The problem has been the computers I have with Windows 10, can’t support Windows 11.  One has an old CPU which doesn’t meet specs.  Another has the wrong hard drive partition type.  Some of them have two or more problems with Windows 11.

A better operating  system would be Linux.  I’ve been using it for years and it has many benefits over Windows.  One of the biggest is security and another is robustness.  I’m not telling you to abandon Windows 10 if it’s a work computer, just consider Linux for your next computer’s OS.   The nice thing about Linux is you can dual boot with Microsoft Windows and use one or the other at a time.  

As some of you know, I use all the major OS’s: Microsoft Windows versions, Apple OS, and various Linux ones.  So I am good at helping you decide which one would be good for you.

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