One of my recent Microsoft Windows 10 service calls was to a business and their office computer. Windows 10 was acting strange – Left-clicking on the Start button yielded nothing. Normally, the start menu would appear. I could right-click on it and choose options off the menu, but my client wanted everything working. The other issue was the Task Manager could be started, but it never loaded completely and the progress wheel spun forever.  The biggest problem was how slow it was and the unresponsiveness when you clicked on a program.   My gut told me there was a virus involved so I installed and scanned with three anti-malware programs.  Surprisingly, not one infection was found.   A system restore was attempted, but no restore points were available and we couldn’t go back in time.  We researched the problem and I tried many things which never worked. I finally booted into the troubleshooting menu with the Start menu. Troubleshooting-System Restore was selected and the computer was reset back to factory settings.  I don’t like giving up on a problem, but sometimes you just have to. 


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