I have been setting up and using a Windows 10 computer for myself over the past few months. Even though I write about Linux often, I do like Windows 10 and have been using it since it was available as a developers preview in 2014. So far I’ve installed LibreOffice Office Suite, Irfanview file viewer, GIMP Image editor, FoxIt PDFviewer, Media Player Classic video player, Dropbox storage, Opera Web browser, Firefox web browser, Teamviewer, Oracles Virtual Machine and others. The nice thing is I have a link to these free programs on my web site so you download them too. They will also install on older versions of Microsoft Windows. These free programs replace some of their expensive counterparts. Examples are: LibreOffice replaces Microsoft Office and GIMP replaces Adobe Photoshop.  MPC replaces Windows Media Player and Foxit PDF reader replaces Adobe Reader. 



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